Chor'von (During The Tournament)

Chor'von 2

Chor'von completes redesigning the tournament arena

Biography Edit

  • Name : Chor'von Addermin
  • Debut : Chapter 4
  • Death : Chapter 9
  • Affiliations : Red Lupus Army
  • Occupations : First Lieutenant to Almighty
  • Alias : Chor'von
  • Epithet : "Son Of A Reaper"
  • Age : Chapter Four (25)
  • Birthday : May 20, 1986
  • Height : (6'0)
  • Weight : 158 lbs
  • Hair Color : Black
  • Skin Color : Grey
  • Eye Color : Dark Green
  • Race : Dellyian
  • Planet : Dello'
  • Signature Attack : N/A

Chor'von Addermin, First Lieutenant in the Red Lupus Army and son to one of the original Reapers. Chor'von wasn't always in the Red Lupus Army, before he joined he was traveling with Almighty to different solar systems but instead of challenging the strongest warriors like Almighty would, Chor'von would mess around with the different species of females on each planet they stopped on. Chor'von wasn't a warrior but he had no problem defending himself when he needed to, it wasn't until Almighty and Chor'von joined the Red Lupus Army where he would start focusing on combat more.

Red Lupus Army Edit

Chor'von was told by the leader of the Red Lupus Army that he would have to accompany Almighty on every mission he went on, Chor'von had no problem with this because he had already been traveling with Almighty for so long, and the two of them had already grown to be "brothers" to one another.

Family Edit

  • Rai'von Addermin ; Father ; Reaper ; (Chapter 8)
  • Rai'von Addermin

    Rai'von Addermin (Chor'von's Father)

    Shallie'von Addermin ; Mother

Death Of Chor'von Edit

Chor'von was defeated by Glory & Dolfin in the second round of the universe tournament.

Chor'von Defeated-0

Chor'von Defeated