Rivora Tank

Rivora Tank

Biography Edit

  • Name : Rivora Tank
  • Debut : Chapter 10
  • Affiliations : Neo Reapers ; Red Lupus Army
  • Occupations : Intelligence Officer RLA
  • Alias : Neo Eight ; Tank Eight
  • Epithet : N/A
  • Age : N/A
  • Birthday : N/A
  • Height : (6'4)
  • Weight : 270 lbs
  • Hair Color : Orchid
  • Skin Color : White/Grey
  • Eye Color : Orchid
  • Race : Rubrix
  • Planet : N/A
  • Signature Attack : "Marble Blitz"

Six years prior to the Universe Tournament, a group of individuals called the Neo Reapers were brought together by the Leader of the Red Lupus Army. The Neo Reapers were made to serve the Red Lupus as intelligence officers, and if needed, elite assassins. Originally there were five Neo Reapers, "Neo Eight" aka Rivora Tank was originally a bounty hunter before he became a Neo Reaper. Rivora also was a wanted criminal with 840,000,000 credits on his head. He traveled through several solar systems and "had his way" with over two xxxxx women. Twenty are still alive.

Screen shot 2015-05-15 at 9.44.20 AM

Rivora on Ichima, 6 years before the tournament

Neo Reapers .vs. West Rebels Edit

(3 years prior to Universe Tournament) (Rivora & Deyna on their first mission)

Rivora and Deyna were outnumbered by the West Rebels but that didn’t stop them from fighting them anyway, after a short twenty minutes though they realized that they were no match for the West Rebels and began to retreat. They didn’t make it far before they got into another short battle against them, Rivora’s blade was broken by the swordsman of the West Rebels and Deyna was severely scarred on her right leg, the two officers were cornered and beaten, the Leader of the West Rebels was about to kill both Rivora and Deyna, but then out of nowhere someone came from out of the shadows and assisted the two officers. This person managed to hold his own against three of the West Rebels at one time before grabbing both Rivora and Deyna and leaving the area. He took the two officers to his personal space cruiser and flew them off of the planet Gamma 9, Rivora and Deyna both passed out once they were on the ship. Six hours passed, Rivora woke up and asked the being where he’d come from and why he saved him and Deyna. The being simply replied “Where do you two need to go” and looked away. Rivora told the being to take him and Deyna to the planet Suukoni in the North Side of the Milky Way, but then asked again why the being saved them in the first place. The mystery being then looked at Rivora and told him “I Wanted To Save My Little Sister” and looked away.

Screen shot 2015-05-15 at 9.59.42 AM

Rivora & Deyna on Gamma 9