Pheebi on the planet Wakusei (1972)

Pheebi (grandma)

Pheebrella Somn (60 Years Old)

Biography Edit

  • Name : Pheebrella Somn
  • Debut : Finding Wolf (Side Story)
  • Affiliations : N/A
  • Occupations : Dynamite Bakery (Owner)
  • Alias : Pheebi
  • Epithet : "Alpha Jager Pheebi"
  • Age : Finding Wolf, Side Story (19)
  • Chapter One (60)
  • Chapter Twenty One (61)
  • Birthday : October 8, 1951
  • Height : (5'10)
  • Weight : 160 lbs
  • Hair Color : Silver
  • Skin Color : Sand
  • Eye Color : Pink
  • Race : Lefosan
  • Planet : Lefos
  • Signature Attack : "Jager"

Back in the Omega Era, Pheebi was known as one of the strongest Lefosans in the galaxy, as well as one of the strongest beings in the galaxy. Her and Kiyoshi adventured everywhere together and often ended up helping people wherever they went. Pheebi also has a passion for cooking as well as adventure, so one of her biggest dreams was to open a bakery on Lefos and for it to be extremely successful.

Finding Wolf (39 years prior to Universe Tournament) Edit

- Thirty nine years ago, Kiyoshi and Pheebi visit the planet Wakusei to try and find their friend Sensei Wolf. While walking through and open meadow, they're ambushed by three Red Dapiuns.

Finding Wolf (Part One)

Kiyoshi and Pheebi ambushed by Red Dapiuns

- Kiyoshi and Pheebi make it to the east side of planet Wakusei and meet another creature from this planet, a Retekla Dragon that Kiyoshi names "Sanchez". Kiyoshi and Pheebi continue their journey with Sanchez tagging along until the three of them are attacked by Lusshi Fenikkusu No Kami and Zuse Auru Kami. Kiyoshi and Pheebi split to fight the kami one on one.

Finding Wolf (Part Two)

Pheebi (Alpha Mode) with Sanchez

- Kiyoshi and Pheebi defeat Lusshi and Zuse. They then head towards "Musashi", the fourth major city on Wakusei, but before they actually reach Musashi they are greeted by Z'amantha Akagami, and all she wants to do is fight Kiyoshi Akihiro No Kami. Pheebi and Kiyoshi have no choice but to fight Z'amantha so Kiyoshi tells Sanchez to leave the area.

Finding Wolf (Part Three)

Kiyoshi and Pheebi preparing to fight Z'amantha

- Kiyoshi and Pheebi fight together against Z'amantha for two hours before it changes to a one on one fight between Kiyoshi and Z'amantha. The fight lasts for another four hours before Z'amantha leaves. When she leaves, Kiyoshi and Pheebi advance into Musashi and finally find the legendary being known to all as Sensei Wolf. The creator of the sacred technique called "Saber Stream".

Finding Wolf (Part Four)

Pheebi and Kiyoshi find Sensei Wolf