Pretty Yoshi (wiki)

"Pretty Yoshi" Mellika Mose' (22 Years Old)

Biography Edit

  • Name : Mellika Mose'
  • Debut : N/A
  • Affiliations : N/A
  • Occupations : Recording Artist (Singer/Rapper)
  • Alias : Pretty Yoshi (Artist Name)
  • Epithet : N/A
  • Age : Chapter Twenty One (22)
  • Birthday : N/A
  • Height : (5'5)
  • Weight : 132 lbs
  • Hair Color : Orchid/Golden Yellow
  • Skin Color : Sand
  • Eye Color : Orchid
  • Race : Lefosan
  • Planet : Lefos
  • Signature Attack : N/A

Early Life Edit

- Mellika Mose' was raised by her mother Kampton Mose' and her father Shamane Mose'. Her mother Kampton is a news anchor for Kosaisha News on Lefos and her father works with the Lefosan Strike Force. Mellika gained an interest in music around the time she was 10 years old, the same time her mother made her debut live on television. Kampton became a celebrity through her job and would always meet other celebrities and musicians through interviews and trips, and would often take Mellika with her because Shamane was usually away working with the strike force. Mellika even got to meet Max Kazuhiro when she was 15 years old and tells people he inspired her to do what she wanted to do with her life. Mellika recorded her first song when she was 17 years old. After gaining a little attention with the song, Mellika made a music video with her two friends and showed it to everyone she knew. Mellika became relatively famous for the video and went on to make another song after that also became very popular, this is also the time she started calling herself “Pretty Yoshi” as her artist name. Kosaisha News wanted Mellika to come on the show for an interview and asked Kampton if she could get her daughter to come and do a segment but Kampton didn’t want Mellika to do it so she declined the offer, even after Kosaisha said they’d pay Mellika 24,000 credits to do it. Mellika found out her mom did what she did and took it as her mother being jealous of her success, so the third song she wrote came out as a diss song to her mother Kampton and Kosaisha News. After this, Pretty Yoshi became a superstar.