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Star (17 Years Old)

Star (18 Years Old) (Welko Arc)

Star (18 Years Old)

Biography Edit

  • Name : Rentrinquilla Akihiro
  • Debut : Chapter 1
  • Affiliations : FlameThrowers
  • Occupations : N/A
  • Alias : Star
  • Epithet : "FlameThrower Star"
  • Age : Chapter One (17)
  • Chapter Twenty One (18)
  • Birthday : October 7, 1993
  • Height : (5'9)
  • Weight : 150 lbs
  • Hair Color : Mahogany
  • Skin Color : Sand
  • Eye Color : Sky Blue
  • Race : Lefosan
  • Planet : Lefos
  • Signature Attack : N/A

Rentrinquilla wasn't always a fighter, back when she younger she spent most of her time watching her older brother Leohvin fight scrubs on Lefos in local tournaments and just for fun sometimes. She has always looked up to her older brother because when she was 10 years old her father left her, her mother Rentrinquillika, and her brother Leo on Lefos, and Leohvin reminds her of her dad. It came a time where Leo left too and that is when Star started training with Leo's teacher Sensei Hidezio. Star and her best friend Rahbecka excelled in martial arts training but later started to crave adventure instead of fighting, this is what causes Star and Rahbecka to run away and go on an adventure to West Lefos, where they would eventually meet a girl named Daphnee Phi Shores'.... Two years after Star's adventure ends Leohvin comes home and tells her about a fighting tournament he learned about on a different planet. Both Star and Leo leave for Earth to compete in the "Universe Tournament" on a distant planet called Earth, where she would eventually meet a boy named Glory and also try to come up with a plan to defeat a powerful being known as Almighty.

Universe Tournament Arc Edit

Family Edit

  • Leohvin Akihiro ; Brother
  • Rentrinquillika Akihiro ; Mother
  • Tadashi Akihiro ; Father
  • Pheebrella Somn ; Grandmother (Father)
  • Kiyoshi Akihiro : Grandfather (Father)
  • Gabbrikella Astor ; Cousin (Mother)

Major Battles Edit

  • Daphnee : (Defeated) Chapter 11